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#MobSec5: A weekly round-up of the mobile security news that matters, in no particular order. Read #MobSec5 on the NowSecure blog at

#MobSec5: A weekly round-up of the mobile security news that matters, in no particular order.

Read #MobSec5 on the NowSecure blog at

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NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of February 25

If you're packing your suitcase to attend RSA Conference 2019 next week, don't leave behind our recommendations for the best AppSec and DevSecOps sessions. As a reminder, RSAC attendees are encouraged to reserve a seat in advance for their preferred sessions.…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of February 18

Several mobile apps were in the news earlier this month due to privacy concerns that they capture screen interaction of every tap, swipe and button push without user knowledge. The apps use analytics technology from a company called Glassbox that records sess…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of February 11

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and couples everywhere celebrated love. But singles who use mobile dating apps to find romance may rightfully be disheartened by security and privacy concerns associated with those apps. For example, Coffee Meets Bagel announced …


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of February 4

Dev and AppSec users of the Frida dynamic instrumentation toolkit will be pleased to know that the new 12.3 release boasts a crash reporting feature that provides visibility into why an app terminates.Frida creator and NowSecure Mobile Security Researcher Ole…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of January 28

It's been an engaging, inspiring and somewhat tiring week for NowSecure as employees from around the globe gathered in New Orleans to plan for the year ahead. We discussed product roadmap, enhancements to our services programs and heard great feedback from cu…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of January 14

With snowstorms expected to wallop the Midwest and Northeast this weekend, many people dream about warm, sunny days at the beach. Fortunate OWASP AppSec California 2019 conference attendees will take to the shores of Santa Monica, Calif., next week for talks …


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of January 7

Are you new to mobile application security testing? Market noise can make it difficult to evaluate tools and sniff out the veracity of various vendor claims. Inspired by a Department of Defense guide called "Detecting Agile BS," we sought to provide a similar…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of December 31

Happy New Year! We hope 2019 is your best year yet.Curious what's in store for mobile appsec and DevSecOps in the future? If so, you'll want to register for our upcoming January 23 webinar, "Mobile App Security Predictions 2019," where NowSecure executives an…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of December 10

As organizations incorporate security in the dev pipeline, DevOps teams have some fears that mobile application security testing is going to slow them down and impede their progress. But done correctly, DevSecOps can help speed the release cycle.Read this blo…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of December 3

Low- and no-code mobile app development tools provide drag-and-drop graphical user interfaces, forms and visual workflows to enable businesses to quickly build mobile apps with little to no coding. The downside of empowering new ranks of citizen developers is…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of November 26

A decade after the inception of the DevOps movement, the practice has transformed many organizations and is beginning to take hold in others. Here at NowSecure, we too have embarked on a DevOps journey with our mobile appsec testing solutions.Successful initi…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of November 12

As shoppers salivate over Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, hackers are prepping for the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, too. Unfortunately many of the leading digital retail and deal-finding mobile apps have security and privacy flaws that could place …


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Nov. 5

Forrester dubbed 2018 the Year of DevOps. We've witnessed the movement take hold in organizations seeking to shrink development cycles and leverage automation.DevOps is also intertwined with mobile apps, and both happened to celebrate their 10th anniversaries…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Oct. 29

November has arrived and Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend in the United States. Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.Going backwards is a familiar concept to several of the security researchers he…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Oct. 22

Those of you adept at penetration testing know it has traditionally been a blend of art and science. The practice is not only tricky and time consuming, but many companies also lack the in-house talent and tools to conduct pen tests of their mobile apps. And …


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Oct. 15

As DevOps takes hold in organizations, security teams often struggle to keep up with the volume and frequency of mobile app releases. The old ways of testing mobile apps for security vulnerabilities don't scale particularly well because they're generally time…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Oct. 8

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we'd like to highlight yet an other risk to mobile security: that of the global IT security skills shortage. As many as 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs may go unfilled by 2021, according to Cybersecurity Vent…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Oct. 1

Thousands of developers and security experts will descend upon San Jose, Calif., next week for the OWASP AppSec USA conference and we look forward to joining them there. There’s still time to book a meeting to discuss mobile appsec trends and best practices w…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Sept. 24

Those of you who have endured a home renovation know it’s generally not a quick, easy process. There are blueprints to create, specialized crews to coordinate, and day-to-day decisions to make. Similarly, securing a DevOps workflow requires the right planning…


NowSecure #MobSec5 - Week of Sept. 17

NowSecure had a great week at Jenkins World/DevOps World capped by the exciting debut of the NowSecure AUTO plug-in for automated mobile appsec testing in the Jenkins app store. The addition demonstrates our commitment to ease the process of shifting left by …